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The NationalTournEvent of Champions is Coming Your Way!


The National TournEvent of Champions is making its way across the country in search of this year’s champion. So, watch your slot club mail or check the  National TournEvent of Champions   website at


Choctaw Casino Pocola

Dates of semi-final event: April 13 and May 16 & 17

Dates of final event: July 19, 2014

Total Prize Winnings to be Awarded at Final Event: $50,000

Comments: NTOC tournaments at Choctaw Casino Pocola run monthly to complete registration of its top 400 Slot Tournament masters for the July 19 finals. On that day, everyone will be playing for large cash prizes and a spot to the National TournEvent of Champions Championship in Las Vegas, NV. See the Players Club for a listing of tournaments each month.


Clearwater River Casino

Dates of qualifying/semi-final tournaments: Every Thursday starting April 4

Dates of final event: May 31 and June 1

Total Prize Winnings to be Awarded at Final Event: $3,000 in cash and prizes

Special Day-Of Events: Top 200 VIP players receive an automatic Golden Pass to participate in the finals. The remaining 200 Golden Passes are won by     playing in the weekly qualifying tournaments.

Comments:  The top 160 players from the tournament on May 31 will advance to the final tournament on June 1, when the Clearwater River Casino champion will be crowned!


Colusa Casino

Dates of semi-final event: April 2- June 9, on Mondays, Wednesdays,           Saturdays, Sundays

Dates of final event:  Saturday, June 14

Total Prize Winnings to be Awarded at Final Event: Total Cash = $2,500.00, Total Free Play = $5,000.00

Special Day-Of Events: Live Music in Jack’s Lounge from 9 pm – 1:30 pm. TournEvent Semi-Final tournament will begin at 2:30pm.

Colusa Casino Resort “Swag” giveaways to guests in tournament area.


Majestic Star Casino

Dates of semi-final event: Tuesdays through May

Dates of final event:  June 13 & 14

Total Prize Winnings to be Awarded at Final Event: $10,000 Promo Cash

Comments:  Majestic Star Casino will host Golden Pass-qualifying slot tournaments every Tuesday in through May. Top 10 winners from every tournament will receive promo cash and a Golden Pass. All Golden Pass winners along with select VIPs will be invited to participate in the finals on June 13 and 14.


Spa Resort Casino

Dates of semi-final event:  Weekly Slot Tournament every Tuesday

Dates of final event: June 27 and June 28

Total Prize Winnings to be Awarded at Final Event: $50K

Special Day-Of Events: Tournaments are themed as a boot camp, as Spa Resort Casino is training their players every week in their Training Tuesday Weekly slot tournaments for the Tournevent of Champions Championship in Vegas.

Comments: Tournaments are held Tuesdays from 7 pm-9 pm with sessions every 10 minutes. Top prize of the night is $1,000 Cash and a Golden Pass into the Spa Resort Casino finals in June.

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