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Category: Roulette

The Ins and Outs of Roulette

A beginner’s guide to playing the game By Henry Tamburin   Take this short quiz to see what you really know about roulette   1. The probability of any bet winning at roulette is the same. T or F.   2. An American roulette wheel has 36 numbers. T or F.   3. After the […]

Roulette brainteaser

Find out how much you really know about roulette. By Henry Tamburin So you think you’re an expert at roulette? Maybe you are, and maybe not. To find out, try answering these 10 simple questions about the game. True or False The chance of a red or black number hitting is 50/50. You have a […]

Trying to Beat the Wheel – Roulette

Roulette poses a real challenge for players By Frank Scoblete Dice and Wheels Dice is probably the oldest form of gambling. Dice could be made from animal bones decorated with symbols and, yes, that’s why we call dice “bones” to this day, even though today’s dice are made from cellulose acetate. Primitive man used those […]

Rules & Strategy – Roulette

Rules & Strategy Roulette Fans of history know that all-too-often, discoveries come not by way of pure genius, but rather accidentally while searching for, well, something else. Electricity, X-rays, penicillin, dynamite; these and many, many more remarkable discoveries are nothing more than the product of persistence and timely happenstance. Oddly as it may seem, roulette […]

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