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Strictly Slots Magazine August 2020

Strictly Slots Magazine August 2020 CRAZY EIGHTS Incredible Technologies takes the persistent play feature to new heights with “Happy 8’s” and “Jolly 8’s” By Frank Legato VINTAGE SLOTS Want to beat back those nostalgia blues and play slots like in the good old days – with coins, buckets, and levers? Here’s where you can go […]

Casino Player Magazine August 2020

Casino Player Magazine August 2020 CLICK & MORTAR Where – and what – you can bet online THE TABLES HAVE TURNED Electronic offerings bring something new to table games BETTING IT RIGHT Making the most of a value bet By Jack Clayton NOT QUITE THE SAME Bonus Poker Deluxe requires a little tinkering with strategy […]

Strictly Slots Magazine July 2020

Strictly Slots Magazine July 2020 RETURNING TO NORMAL Across the Northeast tribal casinos have reopened their doors By Karrie L. Zukowski DECISIONS DECISIONS Make your choice and practice, practice, practice! By John Grochowski GETTING BACK ON TRACK How casinos are handling players clubs and promotions during the pandemic JOIN THE SLOT REVOLUTION The return of […]

Casino Player Magazine July 2020

Casino Player Magazine July 2020 SAFETY FIRST Casinos develop enhanced safety protocols in a COVID-19 world HELPFUL HINTS Having a better time at the tables By John Grochowski LET THE GAMES BEGIN Numerous leagues are getting back into action By Sean Chaffin PACE YOURSELF The many advantages of playing slow By Jack Clayton   Make […]

Strictly Slots Magazine May 2020

Strictly Slots Magazine May – June 2020 PLAYING IT SAFE As casinos reopen across the country, new safety guidlines are changing the way we gamble THE BRAVE NEW SLOTS WORLD The future of gambling in a COVID-19 world By Frank Scoblete UP DOWN & ALL AROUND Triple Double Bonus gives video poker players a very […]

Casino Player Magazine May 2020

Casino Player Magazine May/June 2020 IS IT THE SAME? Video Poker Questions for players new to online gambling By John Grochowski A NUMBERS GAME What you don’t know about Roulette could cost you By Frank Scoblete THE BLOCKER DEFENSE Use blockers to become a better poker player By Jack Clayton BACK IN ACTION The latest […]

Strictly Slots Magazine April 2020

Strictly Slots Magazine April 2020 THE RISE OF TRIBAL GAMING Tribal casinos continue to expand their reach and deliver creative new programs By Sharon Harris-Zlotnick PULLING TOGETHER Casinos donate in a big way A JUDGEMENT CALL Tough decisions are made tougher with a short bankroll By John Grochowski RARE ADVICE Money management, proper play and […]

Casino Player Magazine April 2020

Casino Player Magazine April 2020 DEAR AMERICAN GAMBLER How to enjoy responsible gambling when you’re being responsible and staying home. By Roger Gros OVERCOMING THE ODDS Poker player James Baune’s amazing journey from flatline to final tables By Sean Chaffin REAL MONEY FROM HOME 7 tips for playing poker online By Sean Chaffin AGGRESSIVE POKER […]

Strictly Slots Magazine March 2020

Strictly Slots Magazine March 2020 MORE THAN MINIMUM Some slots offer players no advantage to bet the max By John Grochowski CONSCIOUS SLOTS Can slot machines send signals to intuitive players? By Frank Scoblete GOING VIRAL Casinos take precautionary measurs to protect their guests By J. Phillip Vogel ASKED & ANSWERED Answers to common video […]

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