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Pocket Full of Blackjack Cash

One lucky blackjack player at Gun Lake Casino in Wayland, MI, had a lot to celebrate on March 10 thanks to a historic win playing the player-favorite Blackjack Match.

The winning local guest, who wishes to remain anonymous, had an exact match while playing blackjack with Ace-King versus Ace-King and both suited spades. The lucky hand resulted in a $288,443.30 progressive jackpot payout.

This progressive jackpot is the second largest table games progressive jackpot won at Gun Lake Casino and the largest amount paid to one individual without being split among other players. The winning guest placed an optional side wager on the Blackjack Match progressive game, a game that provides multiple levels of payouts. In this case, the lucky guest had an exact match of cards and suits, resulting in both the player and dealer hitting a blackjack.

Once a guest wins the jackpot, it will start over with funds already contributed from a reserve jackpot. The new amount is currently over $50,000.

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