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Speed Is Everything

Tips for playing video poker tournaments   When you play video poker, it’s you against the casino. You use the best playing strategy in games that will give you the highest expected return. Your goal each session is to end up with more credits (i.e., money) than you started with. Video poker tournaments are different. […]


Tips to maneuver yourself into a possibly better position to maybe experience some positive results By Frank Scoblete   We have all been there. Yes, we have. Nothing is going right. You try this machine, that machine. You try machines that were hot for other players and they turn ice cold for you. You try […]


Revealing the truth about winning back-to-back jackpots By John Grochowski   I’ve received many an email, phone call, and—in days of yore— letters delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, asking if it’s possible to hit more than one big jackpot in a short time on the same machine. The questions aren’t always precisely in these […]

Proceed With Caution

A look at video blackjack By John Grochowski   In most state gaming commission revenue reports, wagering totals and payouts are listed for electronic gaming devices. The category isn’t “slot machines,” and that’s deliberate. In the information they release to the public, casinos and regulators do not differentiate among slot machines and other electronic games […]


Are you holding the best cards? Don’t be so sure By Henry Tamburin   Oftentimes, video poker players are dealt hands in which one of the holds is so tempting they just cannot resist. For example, suppose you are playing Jacks or Better and are dealt the following hand. How would you play it?   […]

Optimal Play

A look at some common video poker options By John Grochowski   No matter how dedicated the video poker player, it’s all but impossible to memorize the ins and outs of strategy for every game and every pay table. If you’re going to flip back and forth among Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Double […]

Q&A With A Master

  Blackjack Legend Don Schlesinger on His Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Cards   In our October edition of Casino Player, we ran an interesting and informative article, “Master Class: Learning The Basic Blackjack Strategy,” by Don Schlesinger. Don is the leading authority when it comes to the game of blackjack. He is a gaming mathematician, author, […]

Craps Rookie Mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid when rolling the dice By Jack Salay Craps is an absolute blast to play, and one of the most exciting games in a casino, but it can be intimidating to new players. People enjoy playing craps for many reasons, including the interactive experience and camaraderie. Strangely enough, the low house edge […]

Master Class

Learning the Basic Blackjack Strategy By Don Schlesinger   For any serious blackjack player, learning the basic strategy of play (BS) is the first essential step on the road to becoming an accomplished player. And, over my long blackjack career, I have encountered dozens of players who profess to “know” basic strategy perfectly. It usually takes […]

Sizing Up Your Bankroll

How much cash should a video poker player bring to the casino? By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Winning is obviously the best way to have fun on a video poker machine, but as we know, most sessions will not be winners. In fact, even if you’re a pretty good player, losing sessions will probably outnumber […]

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