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A handful of small tips can often make a big difference By John Grochowski   Sometimes it’s the little things that count. A small strategy adjustment. A tiny tip on what to look for in a slot machine. A wee wrinkle in comp conditions. There are dozens of little things to look for and keep […]


Money management, proper play and prediction to protect your slot cash By Frank Scoblete   No one wants to see their bankrolls hammered, but unfortunately many aggressive slot players face such a prospect. Players need to exercise two aspects to their slot play to survive without taking regular beatings. The first is to have the […]


Tough decisions are made tougher with a short bankroll By John Grochowski   It’s easy to tell others there’s a right way and a wrong way to play video poker hands when it’s their money at risk and not yours. I’m happy enough to tell 9-6 Double Double Bonus Poker players the average return is […]


Some slots offer players no advantage to bet the max By John Grochowski   There is no magic formula for winning on the slots. No betting pattern, no duration of play before moving to a new machine, no pauses between spins, no using or withholding your players club card can sway the random number generator […]


Control every move you make By Jack Clayton   The joke in our nation’s capital has long been about taxes, with lawmakers opining, “When are we going to play Taxes Hold ‘Em?” That’s also a subtle tribute to the rise in poker popularity the last decade, which has skyrocketed. Draw poker, stud, community card, Texas […]


Simple slots questions and simple slots answers By Frank Scoblete   Simple Slots Question: I know that there is something called the RNG that controls the computerized slot machines but I have no idea what this means and how the results come from this computer thingy. Can you help me on this? I know it […]


A complete guide to playing poker in a casino By Sean Chaffin   Poker players around the world check out televised events like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour on a weekly basis. Many play in their neighborhood game with friends and some branch out to play online. Playing poker at a […]


Escaping reality can be a costly mistake   If you are an average gambler on a multiple day trip to a place like Las Vegas, you arrive at your hotel, drop your bags off in your room and immediately head to the casino.  You then plop yourself down at the first open machine and start […]


Battling hyperaggressive players with three-time WPT champion Anthony Zinno By Sean Chaffin   Aggression can certainly be good at the poker table. Players often find prime opportunities to take advantage of more passive and tight players — with some nice benefits when it comes to their chip stacks. But what about when the shoe is […]

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