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Cash Grab: A Look at 10 Real Casino Criminals, Cheats, and Counterfeiters

By Sean Chaffin   Robberies, cheats, counterfeiting, and even murder. Poker hasn’t always been the safe casino-based game players know today. In the old days the re could be a criminal element lurking near the game.  As poker players like Doyle Brunson know firsthand, making it home with your winnings wasn’t always easy. “Exchange Avenue […]

More evidence refuting the study that “players can’t tell” when payback percentages are lowered

We Can Tell by Frank Legato     Last month, I told you about the July study from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas that concluded that players can’t tell the difference between low and high payback percentages on a slot machine. I told you the researchers missed the point in concluding that casino operators […]

The more you play, the more you risk

LONGER OR SHORTER By Frank Scoblete   One of the opening scenes of the 1995 movie Casino has Robert De Niro as Sam “Ace” Rothstein explaining how the casino makes money. A mega-high roller has just won millions from his casino and Rothstein and company want to get that money back. So, Rothstein arranges for the […]

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