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Online Quantum Leap

Virtual games both reflect and influence casino slot machines By John Grochowski   Slot machines have moved from sideshow in the casinos of a few decades ago to the main event today. By far the largest share of players and the largest share of casino revenues come from electronic gaming devices that include video poker, […]

Online and Random

How does the RNG work when you’re playing slots online? By Frank Legato   I can’t count the times I’ve used this column to explain how the random number generator in a slot machine works. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions from our readers, so we’ve devoted a lot of space to it […]

Online Poker Tutorial

Touring an Online Poker   While all online poker rooms have their own unique characteristics, such as games offered, table limits and so forth, their basic a design or “floor plan” incorporates some common features. Lobby: The lobby is the starting point in an online poker room. It is, in essence, a glorified map of […]

Gamble Online – Poker Rooms

Poker Rooms Navigating Internet Poker Rooms There’s no question that poker has become the “in” game of the day. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers—everywhere you look is flooded with poker. And the Internet is no exception. Just about every online gaming site company with the resources to do so has rushed to add their own “state-of-the-art” […]

Gamble Online – Casino Gambling

Online Casino Gambling There are well over 1000 online casinos active on the Internet today. With so many options, deciding the best place to join can be as much of a gamble as actually playing. In an effort to help you make the best decision possible, we’ve gone through a database of online casinos and […]

Gamble Online – Getting Started

Becoming an Online Gambler There’s a lot more to online gambling than casino games. Anyone who has followed the Worlds Series of Poker for the past few years knows that slowly but surely online poker players have started to creep in from anonymity and take center stage. They’ve even had the audacity to win the […]

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