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Best of Slots 2013

Our annual snapshot of the best the slot floor has to offered, as determined by the best available authority—our readers

by Frank Legato


SS2013EditorsChoicelogoEvery year, we ask our readers who they think is best. This year, 2013, for the 13th time, we published questionnaires asking readers of Strictly Slots to choose their favorites—the casinos with the best slot experience, and what they thought were the best slot and video poker games, broken into categories to reflect the diversity of the slot floor itself.

And, for the 13th time, our readers responded, which leads to this full report of the “Best of Slots,” according to those who know best: our readers.

This is one of the most important issues of Strictly Slots every year, not just for the readers,  but for the casino operators who buy the slots and the slot manufacturers that develop them.

Slot manufacturers spend millions every year in research and development, and a good chunk of that involves player research—focus groups, test runs of a new slot game, etc. Slot manufacturers are always interested in what players  like, from game styles to specific games, to the bonus rounds included in those games.

Casino operators, likewise, pay attention to player tastes when buying the slots. This issue tells them that and much more. It’s not what they think that drives the innovation to create new slot games. It’s what you think that matters.

Thanks to all of our readers for responding to the survey, and for making it possible for us to publish the most comprehensive snapshot anywhere of all that is great in the world of slots.



And the winners are:


The Games We Play

Atlantic City



Gulf Coast


Lake Tahoe

Las Vegas




Native Midwest

Native Northeast

Native South

Native West




So. Indiana



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