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Best of Gaming 2012

Our annual survey of what the most discerning players—our readers—consider the best in the casino business

By Frank Legato


Every year, we give our readers a chance to be heard. And the casinos listen.

For 17 years, Casino Player’s Best of Gaming survey has provided the most-watched opinions in the casino business, returning what our readers consider the best in every category of every activity in every casino resort in the U.S. Earlier this year, we asked you where you play, and what, in that region, you feel are the best casinos, the best hotels, the best overall resort experiences, the best slots and the best table games.

As usual, our readers came through with flying colors, and our annual survey once again provides a microcosm of the very best the casino resort industry has to offer.

The following pages cover the cream of the crop in each region of North America. As always, there are perennials—the properties that always rise to the top of the survey. Also as usual, there are a few surprises, as new venues and even new jurisdictions have opened around the country.

If you think the casinos don’t hear your opinion, just look up at the highway billboards in any casino jurisdiction right after our results are published. Casinos shout their “best-of” awards from the rooftops, via billboards, advertisements in this and other magazines, and signs in the casinos themselves.

That’s because casino owners know who the most knowledgeable, dedicated fans of their brand of entertainment are.

That would be you.

Here are your choices for the best of the best. Use it as your own personal guide to the most fun the casino industry has to offer.



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