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As the publishers of America’s largest gambling magazines, Casino Player and Strictly Slots, is not your typical gambling-oriented website. With print, web, digital and app advertising opportunities, we give our advertisers the ability to stay within their budget and still reach a steady stream of qualified customers on a variety of platforms.

You’ll find that no other site on the Internet can match our credibility. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to see that we limit the number of banner ads on our pages to a minimum.  What this means to our advertisers is maximum exposure and results!

Since 1995, has provided targeted marketing to affluent, college educated, young-to-middle-aged consumers with disposable income and a passion for casino gaming and sports betting. These consumers not only frequent land-based casinos, but also online gambling sites.


Vertical Banner 

Banner is displayed on the right sidebar of every page of (including,

RATE: $800/month

SIZE: 120 X 300 pixels

Skyscraper Banner

Banner is displayed on the right sidebar of every page of (including,

RATE: $1,350/month

SIZE: 120 X 600 pixels

Full Banner ‚Äď ‚ÄúTraditional‚Ä̬†

Banner is displayed at the top of every page of (including, and ). Banner is entered into a limited rotation and displayed at random.

RATE: $750/month

SIZE: 468 X 60 pixels

Large Rectangle ‚Äď ‚ÄúBillboard

Banner is the largest graphic on every site. Exclusive positioning, the banner will be displayed on every page of (including, and Only one advertiser per month.

RATE: $2,700/month

SIZE: 600 X 300 pixels



Newsletter Sponsorship

Only one sponsorship per E-Newsletter. Exclusive positioning within E-Newsletter, plus a 50 word description.

RATE: $1,500/issue
SIZE: 500 x 200


Dedicated Email Blast

Email blast created by your company and sent to entire email database.

RATE:  $1000/blast



Full Page Ad in Digital Edition of Magazine

RATE:  $2,500


LIVE: ¬†7.125″ x 9.875″

BLEED: ¬†8.625″ X 11.375″


Video or Audio Embedded in Digital Edition

Add a video to editorial or advertising showcasing your, promotion or special event.

RATE:  $500



Available on iPad only

These appear above the Cover Gallery on Casino Player and Strictly Slots apps.  It can have a link as well,

so could bring customers to a more detailed page on your website.

RATE:  $500 per issue both publications





Text with link posted on Facebook and Twitter

4 times per month

RATE:  $250 per month



Standard Banner specs

  • Max file size: 20 k (kilobytes)
  • Animation: loop up to 3x
  • Format: gif, swf, or jpeg

Video Specs

  • The video format required is¬†Flash¬†(.flv)
  • The recommended bit-rate is between 300kb/s and 700kb/s.
  • Video options include embedded or pop-up videos within the digital edition that can auto-start or click-to-start;
  • or links to external videos that open in another window, leaving the digital edition open in the background for the reader to navigate back to.

Audio Specs

  • Streaming audio is required in a¬†MP3¬†audio format.
  • Audio can be click-to-start, or auto-start when the page is opened. Audio can also be set to run for a length of pages.

App Banner specifications:

GIF, PNG, JPG file; 768 pixels wide (height can vary).

Please adhere to any copyright restrictions.


For Additional Advertising Information, please contact your sales representative  or email your interest to