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Scobe Speaks Archive

Can Dice Control Be Proven?
Testing the notion that “precision shooters” can gain an edge at the craps tables

Sixth Sense
Do some slot players possess psychic powers?

Loose Vs. Tight
Which types of slot machines make the casinos more money?

Get Your Facts Straight
The truth behind popular gambling myths

Different Strokes For Different Folks
What’s your style in the casino?

Slot Watchers
My idea of a sensible “diet” for slot players

Trend Betting
Don’t make foolish wagers based on past events

Getting In The Game
The difference between “passive” and “active” games, and what they reveal about you

What’s In A Name?
The worst bets in the casino often have the most appealing names

Getting In The Game
The difference between “passive” and “active” games, and what they reveal about you

To Thine Self Be True
Keeping track of your play teaches you about yourself

No Luck Necessary
Why casinos don’t need Lady Luck in their corner

Limiting Beliefs
10 common “mythtakes” that players make at table games

The Zero Theory
Staying cool in the heat of the moment

Studying Dealer’s Signatures
By watching a roulette dealer’s style, can you predict where the ball will land?

Your Valentines’ Day Machine
Finding “true love” on the slot floor

Trend Spotting
Is it wise to base your betting decisions on “qualifying events?”

The Excitement Factor
Is there a formula for determining the “funnest” game in the casino?

Playing For Keeps
The legalities and ethics of sticky casino situations

Predicting The Unpredictable
The faulty logic of believing in gambling streaks

Don’t Believe The Hype
Debunking silly superstitions that can harm your play

Glory Days
Gambling at The Maxim, home of the perfect blackjack game

There’s a “Drooling Elmer” In Every Casino
Remembering the players I wish I could forget

Crazy Crapper Bets
Wild, wacky-sounding craps wagers that you should be familiar with—but never attempt

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