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Five Ways To Get The Edge

Insider tips on how to turn the tables on the casino
by Henry Tamburin

Minding Your Money

The smart way to deal with your casino winnings
By Bill Burton

Profitable Slots?

Players share their thoughts on beating the machines
By John Grochowski

Completing Your Hand

The real odds when you’re dealt four cards of a royal flush
By Jerry “Stickman” Stich

It’s All Random

Answering an age-old question: Do the odds get better when you bet bigger?
By John Grochowski

Slot Hypnosis

5 tips to keep you alert and playing at your best
by Bill Burton

Looks Can Be Deceiving

The tricky thing about video poker pay tables
By Jerry “Stickman” Stich

Playing Smarter Poker

How to minimize mistakes and use expected value to your advantage
By Jim Feist

Bold New Ways To Bet

Cantor Gaming’s aggressive, innovative style is changing the face of Las Vegas sports books
By Buzz Daly

Bigger Bets, Bigger Wins?

The truth about playing max coins
By John Grochowski

Going Down The Wrong Road

The consequences of following the wrong video poker strategy
By Henry Tamburin

Baseball Is Back

Some say the game is “too slow,” but there’s nothing boring about cashing winning tickets
By Buzz Daly

Advice For Slot Players—Take A Win!

Video Keno Vs. Video Poker

Are you chasing the wrong jackpots?
By David Stratton

How Would You Play It?

Testing your blackjack knowledge of tricky situations
By Henry Tamburin

Cashing In On March Madness

Inside the most exciting month of sports betting in Vegas
By Buzz Daly

Join The Club

How new slot club members can cash in on great gifts, rebates and more
By H. Scot Krause

Your Silent Video Poker Partner

How to keep your records straight for the taxman
By Henry Tamburin

Great Gambles & Sucker Bets

The 10 best and worst wagers you can make at the casino
by Frank Scoblete

Tips on Tipping

How gratuities work in the casino, and why a little generosity can go a long way
By Rob Wiser

Game Changers

Video slot bonuses allow you to control your destiny
By Bill Burton

Maximizing Your Rewards

Lower freebie rates for video poker players reflect payback realties
By John Grochowski

Finding The Best Blackjack

Where to cash in on player-friendly blackjack games, and how to avoid the bad ones
by Henry Tamburin

Taking Full Advantage

Staying aware of your players club status can entitle you to extra freebies
By H. Scot Krause

Planning Ahead

Preparing yourself to enjoy your casino sessions in 2012
By Bill Burton

Video Poker Resolutions

Tips to make 2012 your best-ever year at the casinos
By Jerry “Stickman” Stich

Playing Better Blackjack

The essential steps to becoming an expert player
by Henry Tamburin

Managing Your Money

How to make your bankroll last, minimize your losses, and protect your winnings
By Bill Burton

A Most Dangerous Strategy

Applying the Martingale betting system to slots
By Frank Scoblete

Playing Positive

Capitalizing on video poker games that (potentially) pay back more than 100 percent
By Jerry “Stickman” Stich

Blackjack Etiquette

15 rules and rituals they don’t teach you in the books
By Rob Wiser

Covering Every Angle

Vegas handicapping seminar reveals timeless tips and new, high-tech tactics
By Buzz Daly

The Royal Factor

How much does the royal flush impact your game’s payback schedule? The answer might surprise you.
By Jerry “Stickman” Stich

Negotiating At The Tables

How rebates on losses can give players the edge
By Henry Tamburin

Take The Money And Run?

Some video poker players say that after hitting a royal flush, you should switch machines. But what’s the smart play?
By Henry Tamburin

Best Of Gaming 2011

Our 16th annual roundup of the finest casinos, hotels, games and amenities in the business
By Rob Wiser

Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em

Why playing aggressively pays off
By Basil Nestor

Back to Basics

Understanding the ever-elusive RNG
By Frank Legato

All For One, One For All

Community-style slot machines turn players into neighbors, encouraging cooperation (and sometimes competition)
By Henry Tamburin

The Blackjack Hall Of Shame

The ten worst blackjack games–and the casinos that (have the nerve to) offer them

Ten Tempting Reasons to Play Tables

Live games give you an edge the machines can’t match
By Basil Nestor

Money Management 101

How to handle and protect your precious casino bankroll
By Bill Burton

Giving Players The Edge

A new type of player-friendly progressive video poker offers unique rewards
By Henry Tamburin

Beat the Casino With Odds

Mastering the “secret” craps bet that lowers the house edge to 0%
by Basil Nestor

Making the Call

Do you know when to call against big bets?
by Kevin Blackwood

Forever Favorites

Sometimes there’s nothing like a game that’s built to last
By John Grochowski

Changing It Up

Does switching denominations during your video poker session affect your chances of winning?
by Bill Burton

Risk Of Ruin

What are the chances of you doubling your blackjack bankroll vs. busting out?
By Henry Tamburin

The Tax Man Cometh

Strategies to help you keep more of what you win
By Basil Nestor

Solving The Jackpot Mystery

Can betting less increase your odds of hitting the top jackpot?
By John Grochowski

Pros & Cons Of Progressive Machines, Part One

An insider reveals the mysteries of video poker’s richest games
By Henry Tamburin

The Cheat Sheet

5 Clues That You May Be Getting Cheated
By Basil Nestor

How To Save $80,000 Playing Blackjack

Over the long run, a small time investment can make a huge difference in your finances
By Henry Tamburin

Smarter Gambling In 2011

Tax tips, hot promotions and practical advice to help you pocket more winnings
By H. Scot Krause

What’s Your Video Poker Personality?

How to figure out the perfect video poker game for you
By Ellen Spiegel

Deal Me In!

Common sense and wisdom to help jumpstart your poker game
By Kevin Blackwood

What Would You Do If…

Hypothetical situations at the blackjack tables for you to ponder
By Henry Tamburin

After The Jackpot

The dream of every slot player—winning a life-changing jackpot—can turn into a financial nightmare if you don’t manage your money properly.
By Ted Oglesby

Video Poker Resolutions

Tips to help you enjoy more wins and more fun in 2011

A Table Player’s Guide to Etiquette

Don’t be intimidated by the rituals of the felt
By Basil Nestor

Double Or Nothing

What’s the fastest way to double your bankroll, when you’re willing to risk losing it all?
By John Grochowski

Sound Advice

Some choice excerpts from my book 1,000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets
By Bill Burton

Changing Your Game

Sometimes it’s a smart move to leave your favorite machine and try something new. Here’s why.
By Henry Tamburin

Are Players Winning Less Than They Used To?

If it seems like you’re seeing fewer jackpots than before, here’s why

By H. Scot Krause

Going By The Book

Mastering basic strategy at blackjack means more than memorizing a chart. It’s about understanding how to play offense and defense.

Found Money Is Often Lost

How prepared are you to win a life-altering jackpot?

By Bill Burton

A Closer Look At Double Double Bonus Poker

The extra bonus payoff is a plus, but beware the volatility

By Henry Tamburin

Hobbit Quest

WMS takes players on a journey through Middle-earth with “The Lord of the Rings”

by Frank Legato



By Henry Tamburin

Slot Scams

There’s a sucker born every minute… and a ‘winning slot system’ for each of them

by Rob Wiser

Practice Makes Perfect

An effective (and cheap!) way to hone your table game skills at home

By Basil Nestor

Cheat Sheets

Video poker strategy cards are perfectly legal—so why aren’t more players using them to make the right plays?

By Henry Tamburin

The Wizard of Odds

Keeping It Simple: The fast, easy way to master blackjack basic strategy

By Michael Shackleford

Nationwide Benefits

Boyd Gaming gets creative, increases comps, and offer new ways to win with “B Connected”

By H. Scot Krause


Think you’re an ace at video poker? See if you know how to match pay tables with the correct strategy

By John Grochowski

Running Bad for 20,000 Hands

Five tactics to help you survive and thrive when the gambling gods abandon you

By Basil Nestor

A Whole New Way To Play

Electronic games bring new ideas to the table, along with bonuses that appeal to all players

By John Grochowski

Keeping It Simple

My no-brainer strategies for staying safe at the slots—and enjoying the ride

By Frank Scoblete

Stage and Screen

IGT’s Center Stage series gives you Wheel Of Fortune like you’ve never seen it before

By Frank Legato

How “Good” A Player Are You?

Making sure that your strategies are in sync with your goals

By Basil Nestor

Playing The Percentages

Stop losing sleep over the near-misses, and find other ways to win

By Kevin Blackwood

The Skill Factor

Video games and slot machines converge to create a new casino experience

By Rob Wiser

Re-inventing the Wheel

Bally’s “Cash Spin” lets you reach out and touch the action

By Frank Legato

Blackjack Attack!

Where to find the best blackjack games in Vegas, and how to avoid the tricks and traps that take down most players

By Joseph Pane

Harrah’s Total Rewards 101

The right Understanding the basics of America’s most popular player’s club
By Michael Shackleford

Here Come the Slots:

Our annual “sneak peek” at what’s in store for the slot floors
By Frank Legato

Video Poker Insider:

How Much Do You Really Know About Video Poker?
By Henry Tamburin

New Year’s ResolutionsCommit yourself to playing smarter and winning more in 2010

By Henry Tamburin

Getting The Facts Straight

The right way to play blackjack isnt a matter of opinion

By Frank Scoblete

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