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If history has proven anything, it’s that given the opportunity people will bet on just about anything, at any time. In the 15th century, we saw the rise of poker (known back then as “poque”) followed shortly thereafter by the birth of bingo. A century or so later, explorers and settlers were known to cast off their worries about surviving in the harsh, untamed land that would someday be called America in favor of a couple hours of cock-fighting or bare-knuckle pugilism. The 19th century found horse racing as the event of choice, followed shortly thereafter by baseball. And in the technology-laden 21st century, sportsbetting has grown even more to include everything from traditional sports like football and basketball to politics, popular television, and even the exploration of space.

There’s little doubt that the Internet has revolutionized the sports betting industry. What was once a restrictive pastime available through limited outlets has evolved to a point where a gambler can place a wager 24-hours a day on an event halfway around the world—in a matter of minutes. Such convenience has resulted in a dramatic surge in sports betting popularity as evidenced by the unprecedented growth in the online sports betting industry which is estimated to bring in over $60 billion/year worldwide.

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