Brian Christopher

The Pewdiepie of Slot Machines

My name is Brian Christopher, and I play slot machines for a living.

I have quickly become the top influencer for slot machines and casinos on YouTube. I average 2 million views per month – with millennials accounting for more than half of my viewers – and my videos are watched in 213 countries worldwide, with the US representing 73% of the traffic.

Who would have thought that watching someone else play slot machines would be so popular? When you think of it, it makes complete sense. The #1 channel on YouTube with 57 Million subscribers is Pewdiepie – a guy who plays video games. So me playing slot machines is basically the same thing… only more elevated, because it involves money! You could say I’m like a Pewdiepie of Slots, only with G-Rated language.

Some of my videos are shown below.


My Biggest Jackpot with over 1 Million Views

One of my most Popular Group Slot Pull Videos

Most Recent Live Stream Video from a Casino

One of 6 Videos I created from G2E showcasing new games

Another G2E video showcasing Every Games

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